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Writing about yourself can be the

worst. If I described myself in one

sentence it would be: A sassy,

sarcastic, coffee-drinking, puppy

lover. Who am I kidding though,

who doesn't love puppies and drink

coffee these days?

My coffee intake increased when I

began working as a production

assistant in college at the University

of South Carolina. As a production

assistant I shot and edited video of all things USC athletics. When I say all things, I mean it could range from a shoot at the State Fair with the Women's Basketball team to a high-end specialty shoot. Many edits were catered to social media - short, quick and exciting. After producing social media atmosphere content on big game days, I found my love for marketing the experience and a very powerful tool in social media. 

My summer internships lead me to my first full time job with the Greenville Drive (*cue more coffee). Being a millennial has its perks in helping bring a new presence to social media for the Greenville Drive brand. I love creating content for companies and organizations around Greenville. I'm always working with new partners and sponsors and challenged everyday to make promotions new, different and more creative. When I was growing up I always thought I wanted to leave Greenville as fast as I could, but now I love getting to work in the heart of it and show off its growth through my work.